Your trip to Tenerife starts with us.

Holiday rental.

Are you busy, you don’t have time to spend hours and hours at your computer looking for flight tickets, the right and suitable accommodation for your family, but you don’t want to travel with a classic travel agency? Leave these worries to us and we will take care of you from A to Z.

What can we help you with?

  • Flight tickets
  • Renting a car for the whole stay or just for a few days
  • Hotel, apartment, or private villa
  • Sports equipment (bikes, golf clubs, boat, everything you need for diving, tennis rackets…)
  • Sports and adrenaline activities (golf fee, tennis court, paragliding, kayak trips and much more)
  • Trips and excursions to parks and other island

Properties for sale


Working in real estate is very enjoyable and fulfilling. The greatest reward is satisfied customers who find their second home here. Our real estate agents will take care of you on both sites in Tenerife and in the Czech Republic. We offer the sale and purchase of apartments, villas, plots of land, as well as development projects.


What can you expect from us?

  • we will meet you personally or conduct a video consultation where we will discuss your requirements for the property
  • we will enter your requirements into the real estate program, which will select the most suitable property and send you the corresponding offers
  • together with you, we will select suitable properties
  • we will find out the detailed information and check the property selected by you
  • we will provide you with a tour/video tour of the property according to your time options
  • we will provide you with a consultation with an experienced broker who will negotiate the best possible conditions for you and alert you to any shortcomings of the property
  • we will provide you with legal service and handover of the property, including the transfer of energy and water
  • if you are interested, we will arrange real estate insurance for you
  • we can also arrange the rental of your new property

Real estate management

Don’t worry, let your property earn money.
We know that it doesn’t end with the purchase of your new property. We will take care of your property afterwards. What can we offer you?


In our blog you will find interesting articles with tips and links to interesting places and activities in Tenerife.

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Flight tickets online

Don’t worry, order your fight tickets online right here. Our partner offers the best prices for your flight.


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